Medical Marijuana Evaluations

A medical marijuana evaluation involves  a consultation with a licensed physician.

You need to make a special appointment with Us.

Medical Assisted Weight Loss

Many people are dealing with complications associated with their weight. If diet and exercise had not given yet the desired results, prescription weight loss medication may be an option for you.

Telemedicine Services

No Office Visit Required, Consulting In The Comfort of Your Own Home! No Costly Service Packages And No Additional Fees Or Obligations. Home Medical Visit Provided When You Need Us!


Do you accept insurance?
How much are the costs for weight loss evaluations?
How much would be the cost of a medical marijuana evaluation?
What do I need to submit for my first medical marijuana evaluation appointment?
What do I need to submit for my weight loss evaluation appointment?
How much weight do I expect to lose?

Why Us?

Expert Care

Local medical board certified physicians you know and trust!

Safe and Effective Weight Loss Treatment

Only FDA approved drugs. No costly supplements of unknown contents and efficacy.

Cutting Edge Technology

Secure electronic medical records and prescriptions, fully HIPPA compliant.